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Human heart is a vital bundle of muscle  weighing  about 300-400 grams. The blood  supply of this muscle  mass  is highly variable . Some areas are abundantly  vascularised ( eg -IVS.) Some areas have a balanced blood supply  or   twin blood supply (Often the  LCX and RCA in the  crux of the heart ). Certain areas have a precarious blood supply . They are  some times called as water shed areas or  the vulnerable  (The Bermuda triangle of the heart ) overlapping zones of   of  LV apex,  LV free wall and  the anterior surface. This  is  often a  no man’s  land .Every major arterial branch  ignores  this area  and shrug of their responsibility .

This  is the reason ventricular free wall and IVS rupture is more common in this area  making the  mechanical complication  a leading cause of mortality in STEMI.

Similarly , even among the survivors , this area is more prone for aneurysmal  dilatation and adverse remodelling .Though . this  is related more to the LV stress distribution (Laplace law)  , early softening  due to watershed infarct of LV apical zone , also play  a major role .

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