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                    Lateral myocardial infarction is not a common site when compared to anterior and inferior MI. But the lateral MI has some unique features, since it involves free wall of the ventricle.The laplace law mediated wall stress is more as the dyskinetic segments bulge with a long radius .Due to this,  lateral MI has a distinctly high risk for free wall rupture .Further pericardial rub is more common in thse patients.Ischemic mitral regurgitation and vulnerability to LVF is also more prevalent if the lateral wall is involved.  Generally lateral MI pateints have a turbulent and complicated course than a simple inferior or anteroseptal MI.

The angiographic correlation of  lateral MI is rarely reported in literature.

The following leisons are commonly observed.

1. Proximal  LAD with large D1  involvement

2. Isolated large D1/D2 disese

3.A left dominat LCX  with large OM1 disease

4.Large ramus disease

5.LAD total and RCA to LAD/D1 collateral pattern

Final message

If we encounter a lateral MI either alone or in combination with inferior/  posterior MI , it is better to manage these patients  aggresively with early triaging for CAG and revascularisation.

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