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The gradient across coarctation  is not  simply (& solely ) determined by degree of obstruction , as one would believe.Understanding the hemodynamics and various factors that can influence the gradient is essential Relieving the  obstruction /gradient by stent or surgery  may not be synonymous with successful treatment as we understand now the entire aorta right from the root to abdomen can influence the gradient ,along with systemic factors.We also know , some of these patients harbor histological abnormalities in the entire stretch of  Aorta , what is  being  referred to as pan aortopathy  , that may influence the long-term outcome.

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A perfect illustration  to understand

What will happen if the aorta is obstructed at the level of isthumus ?

One of the great illustrations I have come across




Dr.Jesse Edwards (Fowler’s Text book of cardiology )

To  Download a PDF version and Zoom into the Aorta  as deep as you would like !

collaterals in coarctation of aorta

Also watch

Collateral in co arctation   : A video

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