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A perfect illustration  to understand

What will happen if the aorta is obstructed at the level of isthumus ?

One of the great illustrations I have come across




Dr.Jesse Edwards (Fowler’s Text book of cardiology )

To  Download a PDF version and Zoom into the Aorta  as deep as you would like !

collaterals in coarctation of aorta

Also watch

Collateral in co arctation   : A video

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Thousands of dissections happen in cath labs  all over the world every day  very rarely it is painful . The answer is not clear. Both have rich vasa nervorum. Aortic dissection  involves media and smooth muscle . Coronary dissection may also be a  equally painful  , probably we are not recognising it ! or we attribute   all  chest pain in ACS  to ischemia .

Deep dissections into the smooth muscle should be painful.  Type c nerve fibers carry pain signals from heart

Answers welcome.

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