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Got it? One clue, you are part of these numbers! It crossed  5 million reads recently across 160 countries. Thanks. I know,It amounts to self-promotion. Such boosters are required when energy level sags. Sorry.

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Cardiologists at confused cross roads !

Perils of  limited Intellect & Infinite greed  

When not so appropriately trained cardiologists  do Inappropriate things “use becomes misuse” . . . then, it won’t take much time for science to become total abuse. That’s what happened with the murky world of coronary stents .No surprise, it’s time to firefight the healers instead of the disease !

Now ,Comes the ORBITA study . Yes , it looks like a God sent path breaking trial that spits some harsh truths not only in cardiology, but also in behavioral ethics .Let us not work over time and hunt for any non-existing loop holes in ORBITA. Even if it has few, it can be condoned for sure as we have essentially lived out of flawed science  for too long  Injuring many Innocent hearts !

ORBITA pci vs medical mangement drsvenkatesan courage bari2d ethics in stenting auc criteria inappropriate coronary stenting placebo effect of stenting acc aha esc guidelines chronic st

Yes , its enforced premature funeral  times for a wonderful technology !

GIF Image courtesy http://www.tenor.com

Meanwhile, let us pray for a selective resurrection of  stenting in chronic coronary syndromes  and stop behaving like lesser professionals !


Extremely  sorry . . . to  all those discerning academic folks , who are looking for a true scientific review of ORBITA , please look elsewhere !

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 530,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 10 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!

Click here to see the complete report.

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When do you call a infected heart as healed ?

Should the vegetation disappear to call it a cure ?

Vegetation’s rarely disappear following treatment . Very small vegetation may dissolve – 20% . Many times it regress in size .

Often  our aim should be  restricted  to sterilise the vegetation. This invariably happens in most of the patients who receive complete course of antibiotic. But healing and sterilizing is not enough in many vulnerable patients.If the vegetation is large the embolic risk is still there even with a healed vegetation.

So if there is a relatively large  (>1.5cm) vegetation it is always better to remove by surgery.

Interventional  techniques may   soon  allow  capturing these vegetation by basket catheters .When technology is there to retrieve small bits of a thrombus inside a coronary artery it should be possible to remove a large vegetation with temporary aortic filters in place.

Also read


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Statins have revolutionised the treatment of coronary artery disease .Intensive lipid lowering is the fundamental prerequisite in the management of both acute and chronic coronary syndromes. One question  is  always difficult to answer , ( rather reluctant to find the answer )   “The effect of statins on the HDL cholesterol”. Logic and the mechanisms of action would suggest HDL is not much affected , but in reality  I believe , in a given patient statins  do  reduce the HDL by at-least 10-20 % .This might have some significance. However ,  the marked  reduction in LDL  may nullify the adverse effects of lowering HDL.   Does this happen in all

What does the scientific evidence say ?

It says the opposite .  It seems  HDL is raised by statins that too significantly . The following paper also  suggests mechanism of  HDL  elevation by statins .It is Independent  to that of LDL reduction , I believe .

This JAMA article  adds more evidence


This paper  from  the  premier  Journal  of   Lipid research  agrees  to the   mechanism of  HDL reduction by statin  is a complex process  but still  it vouches for it .


In spite of  all these  evidence . . .   it  remains a  huge suspect . . . from my personal point of  view ( My patients are  my evidence !  )

Coming soon

The above articles also raise an important  concept of dysfunctional HDL.  Simple raise  in HDL is not suffice . . .it should be functional as well !

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Here is a  video recipe  !

Please click here to  see more videos from my you tube site

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A female child aged 14 was referred for progressive breathlessness  and  abdominal distension

Abnormally dilated right atrium with significant pericardial effusion .www.drsvenkatesan.com

Can you guess the diagnosis ?

Apart form RA ,RV dilatation , the RV apex is seen filled with coarse treabeculations.This is believed to be a type of non compaction http://www.drsvenkatesan.com

Still difficult to conclude  ?   Look at the following Image.

Tricuspid regurgitation is significant . http://www.drsvenkatesan.com

If you have thought  . . .

  • ASD with TR
  • Severe PAH/COPD
  • RV cardiomyopathy

All are  acceptable  differential diagnosis

But the real diagnosis is none of the above .

Need  more time  . . . the following   Doppler tracing  will settle the issue !

Doppler velocity in RVOT at 88mmhg. http://www.drsvenkatean.com

The final diagnosis was . . .

  • Severe valvular pulmonary stenosis
  • Marked RV,RA dilatation
  • Acquired non compaction of right ventricle
  • TR -Moderate
  • Pericardial effusion -Moderate
  • This patient also had dilated IVC, Hepatic veins that  lead to clinical ascites.

Here , RV functional assessment becomes vital , but it is difficult many times. A simple clue is , as  the RV is able to generate 88mmhg pressure it implies ,   the   contractility  should be near normal .

RV EF %,  RV Dp/Dt , Tricuspid annular motion by  tissue Doppler are additional measures. Cine MRI can be a useful investigation prior to intervention.

Final message

  • VPS is a common acyanotic disease. Most are benign  and  milder  forms are the rule.
  • Dysplastic valves preclude balloon valvotomy. (In late stages   little  difference between dysplastic / non dysplastic VPS is noted  )
  • Severe progressive VPS  , like in this patient needs immediate balloon dilatation or surgery.
  • Long term outcome  is excellent except in advances cases where irreversible RV dysfunction sets in.

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