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A middle aged man who owns a petty shop in a small  town of south India   came to us for stable angina .His RCA looked like this.

Normally if one coronary artery is obstructed the other comes to the rescue .It seems , this RCA do not trust it’s sibling LAD . See how it  self supports  its own  territory .(The most fascinating and mysterious aspect of coronary circulation is the collateral circulation. LAD  has big brother attitude  . . . it hesitates to help others while   RCA is more philanthropic , we know  it sends prompt  collateral to  LAD  whenever it is  distressed !)

However , there is one advantage of  such   self-sustenance of RCA  (Intra coronary/homo-collaterals ) . If  the  RCA  has to live  at the mercy of LAD  it  runs a risk of   neglect  at times of  distant LAD ischemia as well  !


Single vessel disease , total occlusion , long segment lesion , still  the  PDA  is protected and the vital postero- basal area of heart perfused well ! What to do ?

Scientific  cardiologists  would like to meddle this  RCA with  multi-pronged guide-wires and other weapons  . Non -scientific cardiologists would  send him  home with medicines  . This patient preferred the later ! In the process  he  saved a  lakh ,  which  I  believe was meant for his daughter’s  education . He profusely thanked me for not hijacking his hard earned money for  frivolous  reasons . I said he should thank  his collaterals  and not me , for getting his money back  !

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