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This is not a breaking news story. It’s the same old secret that was exposed in JUPITER  trial with Rosuvostatin 14 years ago. Yes, I am talking about the relationship between the usage of statin and the occurrence of diabetes. Now, we have this huge study on possible diabetes progression with statins. It’s not from a small journal to ignore. 

83 thousand patients data, the world’s largest series on link between statin therapy and diabetes.


This study has this to conclude

Diabetogenic statins

Something* happens as the statins antagonize the HMG COA  enzyme that resides within the delicate membranes of the endoplasmic reticulum inside the most specialized cells in our human body, called hepatocytes.

*What is that something?

Image source Umme Aiman et al Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics 5(3):181-5DOI: 10.4103/0976-500X.136097

How to go about this issue?

With-holding statin in as many as possible is the best thing for such diabetic  (non-diabetic?) patients. But, the more pragmatic option is to ignore these negative studies, and instead intensify diabetes management if it worsens. After all, we can’t afford to lose the prodigious evidence-based cardio-vascular protective effects of statins and earn the wrath of our patients and peers you know!

Further Interest

1.Mansi IA, Chansard M, Lingvay I, Zhang S, Halm EA, Alvarez CA. Association of Statin Therapy Initiation With Diabetes ProgressionA Retrospective Matched-Cohort StudyJAMA Intern Med. Published online October 04, 2021. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2021.5714

2.Aiman U, Najmi A, Khan RA. Statin induced diabetes and its clinical implications. J Pharmacol Pharmacother. 2014 Jul;5(3):181-5. doi: 10.4103/0976-500X.136097. PMID: 25210397; PMCID: PMC4156828.


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This  article is from the journal JAMA July 2011 , and  “The  Telegraph”  breaks  the News in general media because of   the immense  importance it has  for the public.



HMG COA reductase has a new side effect  when used in high doses. It is  now official ,  it is confirmed by this meta analysis.

According to this study the risk is mainly  with  80mg of Atrovastatin . But  the dose at which the diabetic risk develops is highly variable.

In simple terms  . . . It all depends upon how a  person’s liver responds to ingested statins.

Statins are not  divine molecules  that can heal atherosceloris. It mercilessly  blocks the vital  cholesterol synthesizing   enzyme HMG COA* located in every cell ,  especially  it has a  virulent action in the hepatocytes . We know liver  is the major metabolic hub  which co ordinates glucose and Lipid  metabolism and to certain extent amino acids as well . These statin infested   hepatocytes  can  interfere  with   glycolysis  ,  neo-glucogenesis   and  lipolysis in a complex fashion  . It  would  not require great brains to understand how diabetes can  be induced  by statins !

* Which also has a  indirect cell/  lipid servicing action.

Final message

It is becoming increasingly clear , statins should be used judiciously in whatever dose . We need to be in constant vigil even as   the  human lipid  is under siege  from the   corporate  board  rooms ,  who are  primarily  worried  about  the decline in the per capita consumption of these ubiquitous molecule !

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