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Belgium SOAP  wants a  knock out punch to  Dopamine in shock !

Vaso constrictors are  the mainstay  drugs  in the management of shock  syndrome. While ,the ultimate outcome depends on the primary  cause for shock, these vaso- constrictors  have  a critical role in sustaining life , till the organ function is recovered.

The physicians world  over,  differ  in their choice of  vasoconstrictor support .They  are almost divided   equally in their usage between  dopamine and norepinephrine  .

Surprisingly,  there  has been no one to one comparison trial till  this study   in 2010 .This trial  is called SOAP 2 published from  Brussels , BELGIUM .It  compared the usage of these two drugs in variety of shock  syndromes. It favors norepinephrine use ,  that includes  cardiogenic shock as well.

The disadvantages of dopamine noted in this trial was

  • Increased  risk of arrhythmias
  • Increased rate of death  in cardiogenic shock

The implication of this trial may force the ACC/AHA guidelines , which  advices  dopamine as the first choice in shock syndromes especially in cardiogenic cause.

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