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Interventional cardiologist are excessively  talented  guys .They always  lead ahead in innovations  .The only issue is , their  enthusiasm  (   many times  overtake  the pace of science .  In the name of off label indications  they indulge   in drug and device extravaganza   in uncharted territory .

Even as we boast of practicing evidence  based cardiology   scientific  adventures  happen  without  proper  evidence  . . .   rather  we  have wait for evidence to come later .” A clear case of  cart pulling the horse “

The wide-spread of use of  second generation DES in STEMI has not been found to superior to BMS in the  EXAMINATION trial just released in ESC 2011 Paris. It failed miserably ,  when every one took  the superiority  for  granted.( Some may claim  non inferiority is  not a failure , but for a DES which was perceived a revolution,  it is definitely a failure in the  STEMI subset )

Further,  what  EXAMINATION  trial did not  address  is  acute and sub acute  stent thrombosis .Even as the DES is credited  with a dubious  record for  sub acute stent thrombosis ,   there is every reason to  suspect , in  the milieu of STEMI the thrombotic risk of DES  would increase many fold.

The  seemingly  low   incidence  of stent thrombosis with DES  in STEMI ,   in  EXAMINATION  trail  is a statistical mirage .This  trial was  neither  planned  nor powered to address the issue of stent thrombosis.

In the  ultimate  analysis of EXAMINATION ,   One could conclude   Cobalt chromium BMS,  has  cemented  its place ,  more firmly for use in primary PCI.

DES  at best ( *With all those conditions apply , Dual antiplatelet etc) can be equal to BMS,  while  BMS at any  day ,  would  casually will  win over DES without any conditions at a  huge cost advantage.

The above analysis is diagonally opposite to that of general  perception  that  emanated  from Paris  ESC meet 2011   trial   .

Please remember EXAMINATION trial did not reach its desired primary end point  !

That is  a strong point  against it  .What do you think ?



A  TV  debate on Examination  trial from EURO PCR


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