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Rheumatic heart disease is rampant in India.  Advanced forms of mitral stenosis are  still common.

Critical mitral stenosis with LA clot formation is often seen.

But here is a  women in late twenties  presenting for the first time with syncope .

And what  you see inside is  not a fiction  . . .

Left atrial clot occupying the whole cavity ! Where is the blood bound for left ventricle ?

4 chamber view

Luckily the clot is   so  big and MVO is less than 1 sq cm. It is highly unlikely the LA clot can negotiate the orifice.

Small fragments can dislodge .This patient developed syncope whenever she bends and lie down at a particular position.

What needs to be done in this patient  ?

Can it be lysed ? No ,Emergency surgery is required with concomitant mitral valvotomy or mitral valve replacement.

Is there a temporary aortic filter available to prevent systemic emboli from heart  ?

Distal protection devices are  available only temporarily in the coronaries and  carotids during interventional procedures.There is no aortic protection devices  for LA,LV clots in high risk patients .  When IVC filters  are used  block a potential pulmonary   clot why not aortic filters  for preventing systemic emboli  ?

Why we have not thought about  this  . . . is  surprising . May be intensive anti coagulation is as effective .

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