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SCD  continues to be  the major mode of  death of  our  population . Millions of men die every year instantly .The commonest mechanism is due to primary ventricular fibrillation following an abrupt closure of coronary artery due to a thrombus.Most die , within few minutes of the event, some  before reaching the hospital , few within the ambulance  and an  unlucky few die on the CCU bed  or cath lab table even after getting the best treatment.

If we analyse the data, there is a  surprising fact !  Men form the bulk of these SCD victims.In our experience , out of 100 cases of consecutive  in hospital primary VF only  6 were females , indicating  an important  biological phenomenon to be studied.The data for out of hospital primary VF is more difficult to get , but the  log records of EMRI and emergency rescue team consistently confirm the male preponderance of primary VF .

How  does the female heart enjoys this relative immunity from primary VF even as the blood supply is acutely compromised ?

The answer  is  not known . If we are able to  decode this , one can replicate the same  model in male .

The QT paradox and incidence of primary VF

QT interval represents a combination of  electrical depolarisation and repolarisation .It is a well established   scientific  fact  that  women have   relatively  prolonged QT interval .This  is determined by evolutionary biology and  inherited characteristics of  potassium channels  during myocardial repolarisation

In simple terms, the female heart  knows how to relax slowly and prolong the electrical relaxation time.(Not mechanical)

It is also a well known  fact ischemia mediated a prolonged  QT interval is a trigger for dangerous ventricular arrhythmia.This ischemia induced QT prolongation is less pronounced in females than males as the baseline QT itself is slightly longer in women.The percentage increment of QT interval during acute ischemia is significantly higher in male .This could be one reason for the preponderance of VF in men

The billion dolor question and a real challenge for the cardiologists is

How to make a heart electrically inert during ongoing ischemia ?

  • Pain is also trigger for primary VF due to high adrenergic tone.Prompt control of chest pain make VF less likely.
  • Lignoacaine a myocardial anesthetic if administered quickly can prevent many of the primary VF.

And now , shall we  think little wildly !

What if , if  we administer lignocaine spray straight over the (or sublingually ) in every patient with  chest pain

as like a sport injury and try calm down the heart electrically !

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