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In one of the corporate hospitals  which I visited in my city(Chennai*)  ,  happened  to see a nurse taking blood sample from a patient  who has been  just admitted  in a Hi-tech coronary care unit for UA-NSTEMI.

It included blood tests for CRPs,homocysteine,Apo-lioprpitein B etc . She was  being supervised   by  a capitation fee fed  , just delivered  , neo- medical graduate from a country side medical college.

I asked  her  what for you’r doing these  tests.

                        She said ,  it is  to detect risk of developing CAD.

     . . .I  reminded her , the patient  had already developed full blown CAD .

She was too innocent  to say  ” I do not know all those  things sir ,  my consultant asked  me to do it !

This is how  some corporate coronary unit* functions and   handle their  prized  possession . And every one enjoys it , as science  prevails over common sense !

* Shall  I  name the hospital  ?   . . . No , it would invite trouble  . . . oh ,  what  a  freedom of expression we enjoy  !

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