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Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi ,  father of my country , India , made these observations in year 1925  about the  fundamental constituents of  violence in society . These words of monumental wisdom came when he was  addressing young Indians in a country- side rally .

mahatma gandhi quotes medical science humanity

Note, his finger points to , what  exactly is relevant to our profession ! He emphasized this  nearly  100 years ago, when medical science was at its infancy .One can only guess what would be Mahatma’s comment about our profession in it’s  current form !

Should we include moral, behavioral and ethical classes  right from the first year of medical  school along with Anatomy , physiology and bio chemistry.Medical council of India obviously need to burn more mid night oil , I wish it happens in my life time. !

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medical morality

Tree of life : When professional morality suffers a mortality . . . human health becomes a causality !

Greatest threat to the future of  human health is  . . .

  • Not from  exotic  infectious agents , bird flu  or  mosquito  fevers
  • Not from  epidemic of cardio vascular disease
  • Not from  thousands of  published  diseases in ICD code
  • Not from  aging population and failing  vital  organs
  • Not from  lack of availability of life saving  drugs and devices
  • Not from  lack of  hospital beds.
  • Not from  good sanitation
  • Not from  hunger and poverty
  • Not from  lack of para medical workers
  • Not from  lack of health awareness and education

But from  . . .

  • The way  health care is administered in this planet .
  • The way  noble professionals are created .
  • The way  trivial health  issues prevail over  major  health crises  that  wallop the health budgets.
  • The way by which  medical morality is systematically destroyed
  • The way   “concept of  health” is  sold  as a  buyable  commodity by insurance companies.
  • The way  medical journals churns out  junk articles in the name of research.
  • The way corporates indulge in  delirious pursuit  to  increase  bed occupancy rate of their  patient  ware houses (Also called Hospitals)
  • The  way greedy drug companies aim to increase the per capita drug consumption of  ill informed  homo-sapiens  by discovering  pseudo  drugs for pseudo  illness
  • The way   health insurance policies are misused
  • The way  rich spend billions for reconstructive  cosmetic  surgery while the poor die for want of basic medicines !


Link to a wonderful  article  on moral education for our kids in medical school !

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Dear friends,

It all started in 2008. This is  6th year of my attempt to share knowledge in cardiology.The followers of my blog is the only  strength that sustain my writing .

Wishing you all a Happy , wonderful  and  a prosperous , New year 2014

But . . . please be reminded we don’t require a New year to bring a bout of happiness , it is sitting right in our minds every day  !

On this day let me quote my most revered quote of Hemmingway.

Ernest hemmingway quotes

Ernest Hemmingway the Nobel laureate  who was born in USA, Lived in Paris , fought in world war 2 , lived in the deep forests of Africa with wild animals during the fag end of his life .He had a Intimate relationship with Cuba,  made a passionate appeal to end the man made disaster called wars in this planet , before his life ended in 1961.

To connect with  this noble (Nobel ) soul  reach through Wikipedia Link

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modern medicine ethics hippocrates

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The irony of modern medical care is  9/10 times  medical negligence is  defined in terms of  acts of omission  in  required  level of care . In reality  most medical negligence acts are related to knowingly overdoing a futile diagnostic or therapeutic modality.

This irony was never understood by the public, the professionals or  even the judiciary .This remains  the most dangerous issue  facing modern medicine !

Finally some light is appearing in the horizon . A Missouri  Cardiologist is suspended for overdoing things he knows best  . . . namely coronary stenting ! 

This may bring chills over many cardiologist’s spine .

cardiologist stents inappropriate use interventional


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In one of the corporate hospitals  which I visited in my city(Chennai*)  ,  happened  to see a nurse taking blood sample from a patient  who has been  just admitted  in a Hi-tech coronary care unit for UA-NSTEMI.

It included blood tests for CRPs,homocysteine,Apo-lioprpitein B etc . She was  being supervised   by  a capitation fee fed  , just delivered  , neo- medical graduate from a country side medical college.

I asked  her  what for you’r doing these  tests.

                        She said ,  it is  to detect risk of developing CAD.

     . . .I  reminded her , the patient  had already developed full blown CAD .

She was too innocent  to say  ” I do not know all those  things sir ,  my consultant asked  me to do it !

This is how  some corporate coronary unit* functions and   handle their  prized  possession . And every one enjoys it , as science  prevails over common sense !

* Shall  I  name the hospital  ?   . . . No , it would invite trouble  . . . oh ,  what  a  freedom of expression we enjoy  !

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It was  the year 1812 ,  exactly 100 years before the Titanic sank  over the Atlantic  , a  small bulletin from  Massachusetts General Hospital was  released .  It  later on became  the  single most  important  journal  for the medical community.  The appearance of  an article about  angina pectoris in the inaugural issue ,   reiterates the  importance of cardiology  even in those   days of primitive  medical care .

The volume. 1  : No. 1  issue of NEJM egan with a classical and critical observation of angina pectoris written  by Jhon Warren .


The first issue of NEJM . . . Witness to 200 years of medical excellence

Those were the days  when angina  was treated with tincture  opium and Fowler solution (Arsenic  potash ) .They  can be  termed as  height  of  inappropriateness  and  also  condemnable acts  . . .  is it not  ? 

200 years  later   . . .  in 2012  what  do you think has changed ,  in terms   of  appropriateness  of management   of angina pectoris  ?

What a surprise ,  two centuries  later ,  even as we are  treating  angina  in hi-tech cath labs  with bio-degradable stents and metabolic modulators   ,   bulk of our  population is  grappling with inappropriate therapy for angina pectoris .

Today ,patients are subjected to  questionable modalities  in the management of CAD ,  which the following paper   tries to expose !

Keeping the inappropriate flag high . . .200 years later in 2012

What a way to progress in Medicine !  The reason for this  “200 year  old ailment”  is  attributed to  extreme scarcity of common sense !

( A study , which says regular exercise  can be  as good as PTCA in multivessel CAD ,  would  sound  as a  “nonsense article”  for most  cardiologists  of  current  generation  !)


When we look  at human history , where billions  lived ( and continue to live ) in this  age old planet , it  would appear  a trivial matter  whether you treat angina pectoris with Tincture opium / Arsenical potash or  Prasugrel  / Rosuvsatin . . .

Whatever be the scientific advancement  the ultimate outcome on human health will depend on how we apply it. So, all young  medical fellows beware of this   !

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