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The irony of modern medical care is  9/10 times  medical negligence is  defined in terms of  acts of omission  in  required  level of care . In reality  most medical negligence acts are related to knowingly overdoing a futile diagnostic or therapeutic modality.

This irony was never understood by the public, the professionals or  even the judiciary .This remains  the most dangerous issue  facing modern medicine !

Finally some light is appearing in the horizon . A Missouri  Cardiologist is suspended for overdoing things he knows best  . . . namely coronary stenting ! 

This may bring chills over many cardiologist’s spine .

cardiologist stents inappropriate use interventional


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There were times medical  profession’s  only purpose was to take care of the sick . Modern  principle of living  has contaminated  every walk of life .Medical profession  leads  by example in this race .

How can one justify celebrating a disease in a grand manner in public domain  in the name of increased awareness  ?

I am shocked to find an ad in a recent  The  Hindu Ad  (25-11-2011)

Some of the words  used are terrible and highly objectionable . It amounts to an  insult to all diabetic patients.

  • Diabetes award !
  • Diabetic  Carnival !
  • Join us in the fun of diabetes !
  • Glitz and glamor of diabetes!
  • Festival of diabetes !

How can a patient celebrate his illness ?

I think  the news paper  which  publish such ads  should also show some sensitivity .

I agree there are lakhs of diabetic patients who do require  intensive treatment  but the fair held in the air conditioned corridors of  a trade center is  never  going to address  this issue.

( Can I ask these organizers to  help and  serve the real diabetic burden in ill equipped public hospitals  across  our state ? )

It  is simply a commercial extravaganza   creating a fear complex among the healthy , rich men and women and make a living

out of   human anxiety . 

Who sponsors these medical  award nights ?

For those who are unaware  of the games doctors and pharma companies play,  here is a shocker – large amounts  of money is pumped into  such public events.

This is part of  a  larger board  room  strategies ( Can it be a conspiracy  !) to increase the per capital consumption of drugs of our population . And no doubt   doctors are integral part of this scheme with or without intention .

While MCI can penalize  a individual doctor  even for accepting a pen as gift from pharma company ,

they can do nothing but simply watch  as millions are  exchanged  in the name research , health education ,  and awareness .

The height  of  the  irony is  , these events are sponsored by WHO and the world  forums as well  !

Ironically   the  doctrine of  modern medicine  seems to suggest   . . .“Ethics is   primarily for individual physicians and do not  apply   for institution ”  This is the single   most dangerous  concept that is  playing havoc with human health”

It closely mimics the principle  of   war justice  . An  individual shooting another individual  is a definite  crime ,  while  multiple  individuals  killing  multiple   individuals   is not a crime , it is a war !


The author has no  personal grudge  against any hospital or organization instigation. It ‘s   an expression  against so many commercial activities that occur  in the medical filed on day-to-day basis !

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