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LXR are a unique group of nuclear receptor proteins located in liver as well many body tissues where lipid metabolism is active. They are first identified in liver with apparently no ligands ,  they are  hence referred to as  X (Also called orphan receptors ) .Later  these receptors can be termed as a target receptors for cholesterol metabolites like oxysterols .


How this nuclear receptors modify  the subsequent events could ultimately determine the toxic effects of cholesterol in human body.

An update in NEJM appeared in 2007

The the science of lipidology  is  confronted by  with  suspicious  ,  false targets .We are  biochemically still pitch blind  beyond a point . . . after cholesterol enters  the cell .

We have been targeting cholesterol synthesis by blocking HMGCOA.

Statins though claimed to be the God sent molecule , genuine researchers would agree statins  have a   huge  limitation  and it  is a  hyped up drug in controlling atherosclerosis. In fact ,  it is  believed  (In private ) nearly 50% of people who take statin  atherosclerosis goes  unabated.

Can we modify how  LDL  cholesterol is going to be utilised inside the cell ?

LXR family of proteins along with  RXR are expected to  break  the  barrier.In knock out mice models  LXR agonists are  able to control  and prevent LDL propagation within vascular cells .

The research is ongoing. Let us believe  the right target  has been identified . Nothing is guaranteed as of now . . . but out journey should continue .



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