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  • Endothelium is the largest vascular organ in the body .
  • It is constantly being serviced by both the circulating blood  from the luminal side as well as from the abluminal plane.

  • The discovery of nitric oxide and endothelin  was a breakthrough .
  • They are under neural, mechanical and endocrine control .
  • Negative emotions like anger and depression has a high correlation with hypertension and cardiac event
  • Positive emotions like laughter and happiness is expected to have good vascular tone

This fascinating  study from Japan and USA (Texas)  published  in American journal of cardiology , discusses how a comedy movie possibly releases nitric oxide profusely from our endothelium

Link placed with the courtesy of AJC


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Biochemical diagnosis for PHT and Eisenmenger syndrome

Identifying reversibility of pulmonary arterial  hypertension remains a difficult clinical problem.Heath edwards grading of pulmonary hypertension is based on lung pathology .Grade 4 and 5 constitute severe obstructive vascular pathology including pulmonary vascular necrosis.

Lung biopsy is an invasive procedure and has a  huge risk in patients with elevated pulmonary artery pressure.

Do we have an alternative ?

Does the pulmonary artery  sheds  necrosed  endothelial cells  into the circulation  ?

Yes it seems so , This month’s Nature cardiology  reveals a breakthrough concept

The CEC (Circulating endothelial cells count )  can be used as marker  and  may be considered a non invasive equivalent of lung biopsy




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