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Whenever we have difficulty in accepting our mistakes or unable to forgive other’s mistake,or when we make big fuss about trivial events in life, I was advised to ask these three questions and Introspect.

1. Who you are?

2.From where did you come ?

3.What for, you are present in this world?

It was a really tough ask , until I saw this video. It not only stuns but also humbles us and whatever little knowledge we acquired over the years looks nothing.Yes, whenever my ego tend to bloat up… this 3-minute video never fails to get it deflated.

Just one requisite , you need to Imagine it’s you lying there instead of that girl.

Post ample

It’s good to realise, how this world suffers by actions and inactions of apparently smart people, who spend some transitory moments in this universe, sharing space with millions of non-human lives and lifeless things (Mind you, the later don’t suffer from death since they have no life!)

Thanks to Google, the technology company for stimulating us to think and find the true meaning of life.

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