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Coronary collateral circulation can be termed as one of the  mysterious  circulation in our body.Cardiologists generally do not  give much importance to it and some interventionists even ridicule it !  . But  ,  God has given it ,  with  a purpose. He adds a riddle though !  .Collaterals  grow  in  almost  every  individual  when   obstruction occurs gradually ( chronic coronary syndrome ) but only in  a few ,  it  will open up  during a real emergency like ACS !

How and why , only  few of us can  recruit  coronary collaterals   during   acute occlusion ?

God  blesses acute coronary collaterals only in selected few  , who  are on the right side of his good books .This can be  the other name for our  destiny !

Role of coronary collateral circulation  in acute coronary syndrome.

  • Limits  infarct size and volume
  • Promotes salvage
  • Converts q  MI to non q  MI
  • Prevents Unstable angina from becoming MI
  • Prevent primary VT and VF*

All  of the above can be vital  in saving a life  . Even as  we realise 30 % of STEMI do not even reach hospital  , it seems certain men and women with early collateral recruitment  will never  fail to reach the hospital alive

Is there a simple  method to identify  people who are blessed with acutely recruitable   collaterlas ?

I am afraid it is  almost equal to  asking   for a glimpse of GOD   !

Wait . . .  when we were on cath lab  few  days ago a  stunning  phenomenon happened  that could pave way for identifying  potential acute  collaterals  in any human being.  Follow this site  . . .the details will be posted !

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