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The link between brain and the  hand  starts right from fetus .  It is a well known fact  vertebral artery   competes with hand blood flow  . In the right side , there  is one more  vascular issue !  .Bracho cephalic  artery  arises  directly  from aorta and supplies the  right  hand and  right half of brain.

It remains a mystery  why left brain  is   blessed with a  separate  origin ,  while right has to share it with blood meant for hand  .It is beyond science  . . . isn’t

It is possible the left hemisphere  of brain   has more   purpose   to be alive  ,  with bulk of the cognition work to do . Hence   God created a  separate  supply to it !  Of course , he  would   have never  thought ,  the  possibility of  his ” mean” creations   adventuring  within the   arterial tree  !

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right radial artery coronary angiogram  pci  risk of stroke 002

Please remember  whenever  we   play with   catheters and wires  through   radial route , we  are  hugging  and scraping   the artery meant  for cerebral circulation !

Final message

Femoral Interventions  enjoys a proven  track record. Currently ,  radial route has virtually taken over with  few  advantages . However , the  overall stroke risk in the two approaches  remain  low but genuine (.4 %) .It may be true , arch manipulation is more  with  femoral but  the threat to  vertebral and brachiocephalic circulation  is more with radial .  When the available evidence are  not conclusive  and  new ones are not forth coming  . . . it is wiser to rely on common sense !


I think  this 2011  study  from the  prestigious stroke journal  has convincingly answered the issue

cholesterol and ateromatous emboli following coroanry intervention 2

cholesterol and ateromatous emboli following coroanry intervention  radial vs  femoral 2

It concludes , the right radial approach  is indeed risky  to develop cerebral  micro embolism   when compared to right femoral

A Review article in  Circulation

cholesterol and ateromatous emboli following coroanry intervention 2  radial vs  femoral 2

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