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Atherosclerosis follows a general hemodynamic  rule.

It has a predilection for medium and small  sized vessels and love to  home in  on the  branch points .

We know coronary  artery disease  mainly involve the proximal tree. We get occasional patient  with mid or distal CAD.

This again ,  in  combination with atleast one  proximal  lesion. Decision making  is easy if there is critical proximal lesion.

Here is a patient who has isolated  critical distal CAD . He created a heated debate in our cath meet

His LV function  was normal , He had TMT  borderline  positive , but no angina ,

What has to be done for him ?

A fellow suggested  a thallium

It was countered by other  ,  we can take it as granted   there is  cold spot in  thallium in a small  posterior segment , then how will you proceed ?

  • PCI, medical , CABG ?
  • CABG definitely  not ,
  • PCI  . . . may be . . .Medical  may be !

When you are confused about  the choice and outcome  . . .confuse the patient* as well ! And , let him decide after a mini  , (but exhaustive ) lecture on coronary blood flow , risk of heart attacks etc .

So in this modern  era of pseudo   empowerment , it is ironical  patients will prevail over doctors after learning   half or quarter  truths  from their android powered smart phones and i pads  !

By the way finally  what  was decided ?

The patient and overwhelming majority voted for a drug eluting stent for  the OM lesion event  as  it appears technically a bifurcation lesion ! This is how cardiology is practiced.


Isolated distal coronary artery disease. Presented in cardiological society of  India meet 2005

A clarification .

** One  definition for “confusion” is  being in a  “unclear”  state of mind !

**The aim of this blog is never to confuse the patient. The  above statement is necessary because many patients do believe(or rather want to)  they  understand every thing about their illness even as doctors are baffling with the  great uncertainties and intricacies of  most medical conditions.

Can medical management convert TMT positive into negative ?

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