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The left atrium always  dilate to pressure overload.And it almost never hypertophies even whne the mean LA pressure raises to high levels. Why ?

1.The atrium basically has little muscle cells to hypertrophy.The left atrial thickness is only 2mm.

They are basically designed to passively fill the ventricles. But this is not always true  physiologically.We

 call it as booster pump and 30% of LV filling is  contributed by active pumping of  left atrium. 

2. The second reason for left atium not gettting hypertrophied  is ,  there are four decompressing exits

(safety  valves) in left atrium  namely, pulmonary viens. In fact it’s a paradox the back pressure across

pulmonary circulationmay result in RV hypertrophy

Inference & potential research areas

If by some mechanism if we can induce hypertophy of left atrium will it be a mechanical advantage for left ventricle in failing hearts .By cell therapy we can convert inert atrial cells into activley contracting cells.

DR.S.Venkatesan, madras medical college,  Chennai, India .

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