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Human body is a bundle of mystery.   In an  average  life span of human beings,   millions of   afflictions come and go . Most are benign . Our body has a  full-fledged defense ministry    armed with sufficient weaponry in the form of , immune cells, thousands of regulating enzymes, hormones ,  cell service molecules  etc  .It can tackle most of  the ailments our body encounters  with out a doctors help (Jungle animals rarely die of disease!)  .

Of course , the body  needs  external help  when it’s  intrinsic resources fail . There are few   serious disorders that has to be intervened .However ,a big  fraction of them  will   die  in spite of whatever we do .

Is it not  fascinating to know more than  100s  of chemicals  act day in, and  day out ,  to  prevent our  blood  from clotting and keep it flowing .  If only the natural lytic mechanism fails  for an hour , and  create a  vascular  chaos   we will realise  importance of it !

Even as we debate appropriateness of medical care  in this  21st century   here is startling scenario ,

When a child  presents  with physiological hypertrophy of lymphoid tissue  , as their body begin to  learn and record the micro biological mysteries  of our environment  , it is  often “cross labeled ” as  tonsillitis  or appendicitis and  end up in surgical tables.

This article just released  in  European heart journal , tells us ,  how the rampant use of appendectomy and tonsillectomy in the early child hood  may make them susceptible for CAD in later age group.

The role of medical professionals is identify the trivia ! and prevent unnecessary interventions.

Unfortunately  or (Should I say dangerously)   many of  the   professionals  understood it  in a diagonally  opposite manner . Identify the trivia ,  instill fear in our patients  and intervene ,   in the process injure  our great biological system.This is also applicable to many cardiac  interventions.

Final message

Heavens sake ,  youngsters  , please  remember  , medical  profession is all about removing suffering from patients  . Do not fish out “non -existing” illness from your patients  body !   Let me remind you ,  professional approach means  , whatever you do it should be in the  interest of our patients . The moment  you deviate ,  you cease to be professional .

Also realise  ,  good   intentions can never be an excuse for  inappropriateness !



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