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We know primary PCI is a race against time  both for the  patient  and his  physician.

What is the upper limit for this unique race where the stakes  are high   and it involves  human lives  and  big  corporate  warfares  ?

  1. 6 hours
  2. 12 hours
  3. 24 hours
  4. 36 hours
  5. 54 hours
  6. Time does not matter . You can do a PCI as late as possible as long as  patient has sufficient insurance coverage and we have the expertise

Answer :

Please note there is  only one exception  . Cardiogenic  shock has been given a extended  lease of time window (Which can be technically up to  54 hours ) . PCI can be performed   if the onset of shock  is   within 36 hours  of STEMI  and to be performed within  18 hours after the onset ! )

* Even though we  have a  well set criteria for re-perfusion which bans primary PCI to be performed after 12 hours , cardiologists have enough technicalities to overcome this hurdle and keep doing the futile pPCI well after 12hours.

How they are   able to indulge in these futilities   without  any ethical issue ?

The answer  is very simple. Instead of calling it as primary PCI they refer to it as delayed PCI or rescue PCI !  Strict time specific guidelines are only for primary PCI . By changing the terminologies they   make a mockery of the concept of time window which  is vital for any intervention for STEMI !

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