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Great people  do not boast  . While there are thousands of hyped up publications in cardiology ,

This one form Qatar excels , which  I  stumbled upon recently  contains very useful information about wide ranging issues in cardiology .

Let us congratulate the   Hamad medical corporation for  their unique  academic vision  .


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Japanese cardiovascular society publishes this journal  called as  “Circulation  journal” It has some great articles in every Issue .The Impact  factor is consistently rising.

Please do not get confused with AHA’s  “Circulation”

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Some journals do a great work silently .Impact factors are a non issue for them

It is the content that matters . Pediatric cardiology is one such journal !

Of course , they don’t publish papers  that have  greatest  significance to mankind !

like Telmisartan is not inferior to Ramipril in the mangement of hypertension

and Fondapaurinox  is as effective as regular Heparin   . . . etc  . ..etc

They dedicate themself in the decoding the mysteries of congenital and acquired heart disease of children .

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The one and only journal for cardiovascular surgery from the subcontinent. Great to  know   full text articles are available from year 2003  , free of cost .Every cardiologists from India must read this journal regularly to update  about what our surgical colleagues are doing  in our country.

Thanks to the  National Informatic centre  for hosting this journal in their server .


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There are many  cardiology journals we read , trust , and celebrate  . . .

Many of us are not aware of   few other excellent journals

This is one is different

It is  from  Scandinavia &  deserves a special status.

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  • It is going to be the era of non invasive imaging  in  cardiovascular  diseases .Future looks very exciting
  • We have now ability to slice the heart 356 times a second !
  • Image resolutions are getting sharper .
  • The only worry ( Of course a major one !)  would be the radiation , that has to be addressed .

Now we have a dedicated journal for cardiovascular CT scan .

Does it surprise you  ?   For me  . . . It  is  !

Link to the current journal page . Get updated  !


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