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A  humble  tribute to  Mr. Doppler : Let us  remember this  man ,  every time you hear that hissing  Doppler  signals   , as  we  put the Doppler probe inside the heart.

Doppler ‘s brief encounter with life

Gave us one of the greatest diagnostic tool .

Born in  1803 in Salzburg, Austria,  died  in Venice, Italy 1853

Click over the portrait to learn Doppler’s life

Read and enjoy yourself !

Doppler and his principle  : By Richard J. Bing, MD Professor of Medicine – USC (Em) – Director of Experimental Cardiology – Huntington Medical Research Institute Visiting Professor in Chemistry – California Institute of Technology – Calif – USA

http://www.dialogues-cvm.org/pdf/51/DCVM51_04.pdf Courtesy  Servier

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