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Medical research   often ventures into a directionless and meaningless  exercise with or without intention .The reason is simple , unlike  other fields,  scientists enjoy  the ultimate freedom of expression.

How to find genuine treasures from this chaos ?

We need people like Valentine Fuster ,

valentine fuster global cardiology what is the future

Here is link to the article in   circulation 2011  which I consider a must read for all cardiologists !

global  cardiovascular health valentine fuster circulation 2011

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best hospitals in usa us news and world report

The top 3 cardiac care hospitals for the year 2012-2013 

  1. Cleveland clinic
  2. Mayo clinic
  3. Jhons Hopkins Hospital

america's top cardiology hospitals


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Learning and sharing of  knowledge is one of essential qualities of  that make the man kind unique.

But not everyone is ready to do that . A cardiologist from Paraguay shows the way .  . .

Probably a model web site for all academicians .It exemplifies ,  how a medical web site is  to be created and presented .This one is for learning echocardiography .

Though the author calls  , it as  basics it has fairly advanced contents , so it should be useful at levels .

With  due  courtesy  to   Dr  Derliz Mereles I am linking his web site  in my blog .


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Coronary angiogram is  a videographic snap shot of  moving targets. Coronary arteries are dynamic  , tortuous  vessels of varying dimensions .Normal vessels  sometimes appear as an  illusion of lesions and tight lesions may appear innocuous at times. So the  rule is never rely on a single view before reporting.

This is an  angiogram of a patient , which  one of my fellows referred to as  “a black pearl  inside the LCX !

The same patient,s angiogram showing  origin of OM1

Final message

Beware of radiological artifacts in various angiograms. It can lead to erroneous interpretation and interventions !

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When the concept of acute  coronary syndrome was at infancy, when there was no echocardiography , when there was no coronary angiogram   when there was no coronary care units either , this man was able to identify a group of patients who are high risk to develop acute MI

These pateints are now refered to as  famous entity  unstable angina !

Serving in  Goverment institution of KEM hospital Bomay , he was instrumental in isolating reserpine which was a powerful anti hypertensive drug those days.

Realise , He is not a official cardiologist as the much hyped DM degree was not there  those days.His life is an strong evidence that , meticulous observation and documentation of simple facts from the bedside  is the many times greater than research done in  sophisticated laborataries !

Life history of Dr.Vakil (1911 -1974)


His famous article on Intermediate coronary syndrome


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A  humble  tribute to  Mr. Doppler : Let us  remember this  man ,  every time you hear that hissing  Doppler  signals   , as  we  put the Doppler probe inside the heart.

Doppler ‘s brief encounter with life

Gave us one of the greatest diagnostic tool .

Born in  1803 in Salzburg, Austria,  died  in Venice, Italy 1853

Click over the portrait to learn Doppler’s life

Read and enjoy yourself !

Doppler and his principle  : By Richard J. Bing, MD Professor of Medicine – USC (Em) – Director of Experimental Cardiology – Huntington Medical Research Institute Visiting Professor in Chemistry – California Institute of Technology – Calif – USA

http://www.dialogues-cvm.org/pdf/51/DCVM51_04.pdf Courtesy  Servier

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 Selected on the basis of ,  impact  on survival , relief of  human suffering index and also innovation

10.Percuateneous interventions

9.  Electrocardiography

8 . Hemodynamics of cardiovascular system






2.Prosthetic valves

1.Coronary care units


Waiting list

Concept of vascular biology


RF ablation

Nitric oxide

Total Artifitial heart



Ten least important concepts and  inventions in cardiology

Selected based on duplication of research, futile scientific concepts and   of course impact on survival

10.Low molecular weight heparins

9.Cardiac resynchronisation


7.Multi  chamber pacing

6.Newer ARBs

5.C reactive protein

4.Three dimensional echocardiography


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