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“Limitations of a study”   column appear in scientific articles  because . . .

  1. It  offers   lame excuses
  2. It  informs us  ,  not to get  fooled by  their  finding  .It could  be terribly wrong
  3. The editors won’t publish the paper  without this customary paragraph!
  4. Judge yourself . . . we are transparent !
  5. No study is 100% perfect . Just to make sure the readers are aware of it.

I fail to understand , why even  good articles are rejected for minor  errors  in methodology by many   journals.

Meanwhile ,  how on this earth it’ s  possible  ?   for  some articles to  appear in  top journals ( with questionable conclusions )  embellished
with   major errors in methodology ,  but has  a proud declaration and confession about the  flaws  of the study  in the “Limitations of study” column !

So , in this  modern scientific world  ,  it suggests to me ,  one can  can write whatever  you think as science , as long as  you  declare it and able to impress the editors  to  shift the errors into  limitations column ,  you  are likely to be excused  and also  rewarded !

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