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Coronary circulation is an enigma . This is true even after 50 years of coronary angiography.  What we visualise  in CAG is  only a  fraction ,  when  compared with what we do not see !  The intricacies of  coronary collateral circulation and micro circulation is comparable only to the  ultimate force of   invisibility “The  God ”

But , we will never ever believe what we do not see  . . .  but we have to accept the following  fact . How is it possible   for  some of the coronary  arteries  to maintain  a near normal blood flow from a donor (Contralateral ) coronary  artery  in spite of  100 % occlusion ?  Is it not common to see TIMI 3 flow even with 99 % occlusion .(Link to related article in  this blog  and  video ) . This is because the coronary  vascular bed has an extraordinary capacity to drop its distal pressure to negate the effects of obstruction.

Does the distal vascular bed anatomy and physiology same in RCA and LCA ?

We presume it so . The problem in medical science  is , these   presumptions  often  become  facts in due course  ! Now we have (It is in fact 30 years old !) RCA has lesser ability to withstand the stress  of stenosis than LCA.

The prime reason for this observed difference could be the LCA has a well developed microvascular bed which can reduce the distal coronary resistance .(Again , this is my  presumption  . . . !!! )

This interesting article was published in Circulation 1980 .

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