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It is often said optimism is key to success . From the patient’s and physician’s  perspective   it is the willpower that has saved many lives. Positive minded patients  do not die without fighting. We  know self belief can do wonders in medical  care  !

If  self  belief is  the ultimate healer ,   trusting the   doctor  and  the hospital  are  equally important  . Patients believe in  doctors and doctors believe in science . Science is not sacred .It is man-made   .Those men  who create  science  need not be  holy  either !

Can  we  trust modern medicine in the current form  ?

I am afraid the answer is  too tilted towards  . . . “No”   I am not a pessimist  in the strict sense  . However ,   the future   looks bleak  in most places  ! unless some strong remedial measures are under taken.

Statistics   suggest , patients  are  rapidly losing   the belief   in their physicians   ,  considering the track record of our  health care management in recent  times . Global trends in the last 5 decades indicate the health care delivery system has gradually  been  hijacked from the Govt to the private hands.

It is  quiet a shocking  revelation ,   the private  sector  health care  has done  more damage  than  the state   driven health care . How  foolish   our expectation  can  be !   For fulfilling the millennium  goal ( Health for all )  most  countries  have  handed  over the  baton  to the  greedy corporates .

How on earth , one can expect  the   private / corporate  sector  to provide  equitable health   for all  . It  would be wealth for all  those involved in  this flawed medical care  system  at the cost of  poor !

Read this book  . . .To understand the nuances of how our health care industry is bulldozing  , like an army tank into the population  and  most of us  is a victim or a partner to this .

Click here  for  the  Book review

From The Hindu January 2011

Final message

Entry of capitalism into health sector is probably the worst  infliction   man kind  has suffered , than all those deadly viruses and bacteria   over a last few centuries !

Medical science is a phenomenal  gift  created , nurtured and grown by the sixth sense of our ancestors .Their only aim was to provide relief to the sufferings.  Now their dreams,  vision and goals lie  shattered .

No hospital  has a  specialty called  “humane care”  , while  many  have  a separate  department   to  do a  neuro  metabolic imaging    for a  depressed  man with Alzheimer  disease   in his nineties   and  a  Bio – Robot  driven    fuzzy logic  lab   to  predict cardiac  events  in a soon to die rich man . Absolute waste of resources !

There is  no doubt , we have become a  sort of  salves to  science  . . . (Irrational science to be precise ! ) It is a man-made monster.  Even a most conservative person  (including the author )  could    be causing  some damage as we  are forced to follow  the unruly scientific publications .  Probably  . . .yes . . . we can’t eliminate  it   but   identify  futility of modern science try to get  rid of it . !


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A  wonderful  piece of writing   by Dr Susikaran  Thangasamy from the open pages of  India’s national newspaper

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What is the remedy ?

First of all , every one should answer this question to their conscience

What ails  our health care  system  today ?

Do not be part of it . . .  solutions  will come automatically !

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One of the important principles of medicine  is  “Diagnosis should  always precede treatment”

This quote , though appear reasonable , can not be practiced always especially in emergencies,  where we  have to first stabilise the patient   without a  prior diagnosis  .(Like administering IV fluids in hypotension , acetaminophen for fever , etc)

Modern medicine  considers treating a patient without a diagnosis as unscientific.

But,  it is a well recognised fact ,  millions  of decision in everyday medical practice is not based on scientific diagnosis  but on clinical acumen and empirical therapy . There are many  instances  wherein , we are never near the  diagnosis  even after exhaustive investigations. 


                       Ironically , in this era of evidence based medicine , when  we are  unable to  conclude ,  we are forced  to do the most  funniest  thing , namely converting patient’s symptom itself as disease entity and  be happy  in labelling them. Like , Motion sickness ,  poly-arthritis, , chronic fatigue syndrome, adult respiratory distress syndrome ,  pre mature ejaculation, fever of unknown origin  , attention deficit disorder , etc (The list is endless . . .)

               This happens because physicians always feel guilty if they are unable to label a patient with a disease entity.

Is the guilt  justified ?  Not necessarily so !  Symptomatic treatment without  diagnosis  is the most dominant theme even today (Fever, pain etc ).So don’t feel unduly negative* when one is not able to fit a patent’s  symptom into a disease entity  but ensure  he  gets relief from his symptom.

 *Except of course , one has to rule out a serious disorder.

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