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              Recently in a  southern Indian state  a big  cleansing  action against   fake  , spurious and expired  drugs  were carried out .There was  much hue and cry over the issue .  It was found , millions   of such drugs where in circulation and  The Govt has initiated a blanket ban on  all these drugs .Intriguingly it  was the mainstream  pharma  industry that was  indirectly driving  the  whip against these  fakes.

Unless the medical professionals know what is really fake  our   patients  can never  be protected against the fake !  At the outset ,  let us recall the definition of  the word fake

Courtesy  http://www.thefreedictionary.com/fake

Fake means

  •   One that is not authentic or genuine; a sham
  •   Having a false or misleading appearance; fraudulent
  •   To simulate,  feign.
  •  To cause  something inferior or not genuine .
  •  To appear more valuable, desirable, or real by  fraud or pretence

Applying the above definition  , all  the following  will fulfill the criteria  for a  “Fake drug ”

  •  A fake drug can be defined  as a drug which is projected  to have a one action   but does not have that action.
  • A drug which is claimed to have an  action  which is  futile   ( Eg : Antioxidant action of coenzyme q10)
  • A drug which is supported by fake studies.
  • A drug which is  just  better than a placebo but not better than a drug of it’s own class
  • A drug prescribed with a sole intention of  reciprocal benefit with pharma industry
  • A drug which is never tested in the local population.
  • A approved drug  for an  unapporved indication . It becomes  fake for  that  group of patients.(Eg Statins for Aortic stenosis !)
  • A drug or device  which has a class 2b indication as per ACC/AHA has a very high chance of  getting labelled as fakes.

*In simple terms , it is estimated the bottom half or  ( at least  one third)  of any long prescription  in an average Indian prescription  is occupied by  the fake drugs .

(A unnecessary Vitamin, a cardiotoner, a catalytic enzyme, a mitochondrial stimulator, a metabolic juice, a mood enhancer or depressor etc etc . . . )

Final message

In this era of  glorious medical industry   mankind  is  on a futile journey searching for the  elusive kindness and  truth from the industry . The easiest job  in today’s world  is  , fooling around the public. The victims are not only  the patients  but also the medical professionals . The later often do a role of perpetuators as well .

As we  realise , there are  thousands of   fakes  masquerading as true drugs , let  us pray the God  to  give us the strength to identify them  ,   the courage  to resist  the   temptation  . (To  prescribe)

Coming soon  “The greatness of fake drugs “

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Pharmacology is a major discipline in medicine where we learn how a drug acts in our body for various ailments . Now  in this era ,  doctors need not only how a drug acts but also how a drug company acts ! This has become vitally important   for the welfare of the mankind .

In this context one of the best books on medical pharmacology is from the

Famous Editor of New England  journal of medicine

A must read for all genuine medical professionals

ethics hippocrates ebm

Watch Marcia Angell  talk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouF3ISihHLM

Full lecture of Mercia Angell  http://videos.med.wisc.edu/videoInfo.php?videoid=940

Click to buy/read the book  http://www.amazon.com/Truth-About-Drug-Companies-Deceive/dp/0375508465#reader

A Review  about the book  http://calitreview.com/176

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Peer review of an article even in major journals never scrutinise the “Aim of  a study ” . However big is the journal,  they seem to bother only about the authors, materials, methods, and statistical analysis.  If only they peer review an article , right from the “Aim of the study” like ,

  • Who asks the research questions?
  • Who  defines the aim of the study ?
  • Who decides which drug to be compared with which drug ?
  • Who steers the steering commitee of a trial ?

If only , we could answer these questions without bias , pharma industry and their  regulators  would have ,  far more better image than what they have now !

A typical example for , the aim of the study  to be  wrong  , is  the “ONTARGET’ study on telmisartan.

Here they ( Who ? ) raised an inappropriate  question of     “Non inferiority” of one drug with other  without any  valid reason to compare these two drugs that will benefit the man kind !

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