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STEMIis numero uno of any medical emergency . The risk of death is maximum in the first  hour.

Here is a patient who presented within 30 minutes  of  chest pain.Enzyme sample was  just sent and a bed side echo  revealed a severe wall motion defect in LAD region.

What would have been  the response from a  current generation cardiologist ?

  • Alert the cath lab . Send the patient direct to cath lab .
  • This did n’t happen as we are in a underdeveloped country and the patient  is poor .
  • Should we worry about that  l ?  Not at all  . . .  He received a shot of   much ridiculed streptokinase injection which  costs 2000 Rs ( 50 dollars) in India  .

And see the result yourself !

Can you imagine this man had a major STEMI just an hour back ?

 Any intervention that is done immediately has a major impact on outcome. When the patient comes to you  early within 3o minutes and  STEMI,  or  actually a TEMI  , T wave elevation MI or Hyper acute MI .

When the patient comes to you early cardiologist should raise  to the occasion and set a new  challenge  .

What is that  challenge ?

The aim should  not to be in  salvaging  the myocardium  , rather   prevent  the  event of   ACS   and   abort the MI process itself !

How is this possible ?  Can you abort a STEMI or TEMI by primary PCI ?

Since one has  to act fast , primary PCI is a likely  loser  9/10 times in aborting a STEMI  .

The best option  is  to do an intervention which can have almost zero door to needle time* .  The good old thrombolysis  administered  at the door itself pips the pPCI  convincingly with a huge cost saving as well .

This is what  this patient received. and  see the result . His angiogram  later  showed a fully recannalised LAD .No stent  was advised .He was put on high dose  statins ,beta blocker  and antiplatelet agents.

*You  can not balloon the patient on the arrival in  door steps  !  .

Final message

Do not ridicule any modality of  therapy for being simple and cheap .  They may be most effective as well .


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