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Do you fear to deploy DES during primary PCI ?

  1. No. Not at all !
  2. May be  “Yes”
  3. Yes, definitely
  4. It depends upon which drug it Elutes !

Answers  that might  decode  the  cardiologist  mind. ( Excuse me  if it errs !)

If the answer is 1 ,  You are the most optimistic cardiologist  and scientifically  updated ,   data driven  cardiologist , and with little concern for the patient welfare.

If the answer is 2 , Your are a cautious cardiologist may be . . . may be . . .  an   ideal one . The chances of you , using a  DES is  still low in  STEMI.

If the answer is 3 , You are a pessimist and  with   anti technology thoughts but still you  have more concern  for  your patients!

If your answer is 4 ,  You are undecided  and probably  ignorant as well . Most likely   you would not use it  for some reason  .You need to read more  on the topic .

By the way , my answer is  response three.

Read further ,  the EXAMINATION trial just released in ESC 2011 Paris .

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