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Acute MI kills a few million people world-wide every year .It does not differentiate rich from poor. Logic would  tell us  , principles of management  should  not differentiate  the people  when  dealing with a myocardium in distress .

Unfortunately , we scientists do it with passion !

The problem is enormous  . . . the rich is suffering from too much* care and the poor is suffering from want of care !

The following flow chart  is a result of my observation from close quarters  about the management strategies in corporate as well as Govt hospitals .

The first chart exposes the problem .The second one tries  to address the issue

Please bear with me . . .  if the  stuff  sounds  too crazy !

* Too much care is also referred to as inappropriate care

Practical and ethical guidelines for stemi management corporate

And for the solution  . . . try this

Practical and ethical guidelines for stemi management

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