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Atherosclerosis is  the number one killer of mankind  .It involves all medium and large sized blood vessels.Any intima and media can be invaded by the disese process.Most common to involve are  cerebral, carotid, coronary, aortic  and it’s branches, renal, and peripheral arteries. But how pulmonary artery is missing in this list ? Is it really true (or) are we missing it ? One logical explanation is pulmonary circulation is a low pressure circulation and the maximum presssure is less than  30mmhg . This pressure may be insufficient to induce endothelial injury that predispose lipid mediated injury.

Other explanation could be a structural difference in the media and intima compared to aorta .But in patients  with primary or secondary pulmonary hypertension where,   inspite of PA pressure being high ,  still atherosclerotic changes is very uncommon . or Is it the Heath Edwards pulmonary vascular sclerosis  grading  reflects nothing but pulmonary atherosclero-thrombosis !

If this is true there could be a major role for HMG Coa reductase inhibitors in altering the natural course of pulmonary obstructive vascular  disese . Statins might be tried in PPH  a disese with no specific  treatment !

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