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Interventional  cardiologists should revere  few  names for ever  . . .

They are

  1. Werner Forssman
  2. Masan Sones
  3. Andreas  Gruentzig
  4. Sven-Ivar   Seldinger

Sweden's Pride and cardiologist's ultimate Hero !

The  other men  in the  above  list  gave us insight  to enter the heart and do cardiac catheterization  and selective  angiograms

Ironically ,   the  man who  provided an easy access* to cardiovascular  system  from the  periphery is less often  remembered.  Still , it is because of him millions of procedure  are done every  year .

Every cardiologist should  read the life history of this great man.

*Previously all interventions are done in laborious  arterial or venous cut down

How the invention came about ?

“It is a  sudden attack of common sense”   That  is how seldinger described in his own words

Why not a Nobel prize for  Seldinger’s  sense which was so  uncommon to others  ?

If common sense has to be rewarded Nobel price ,  Seldinger’s    would probably will rank   first  among  all !


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There are millions of  articles in cardiology . Some  simply  occupy   valuable spaces without any purpose  . Some give us knowledge . Some enlighten  us. While few are  so vital , it is almost a crime  if we do not read such articles and apply  it in day to day  practice .

This an article  written by Henri Justino that has a immense importance for the patients as well as the physicians .

Do not think  the article which came in pediatric radiology  is not applicable in adults !

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