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Coronary collateral circulation is the God’s gift to mankind.It has potential  benefits  ( and  of course real benefit !)  both during acute and chronic coronary syndrome.

Collaterals in CCS

The classical role of coronary collateral is in patients with chronic stable angina.It is quiet common to see patients with totally occluded  LAD or RCA with normal  LV function maintained  by extensive collaterals .

Collaterals during ACS.

An intact and functional  collateral circulation can prevent an NSTEMI  from converting into STEMI.In fact many of the patients with unstable angina patients carry on with viable myocardium just because thaey have good collaterals.It gives us a time window to intervene .Some times the col laterals are good enough and help us avoid a revascularisation in toto.

Collateral’s in  STEMI.

This is not well understood. Some  researchers  reported opening up of collateral channels very early after a STEMI. Logic would suggest , anatomically patent functionally closed collateral channels are  always available at time of crisis. But not every one is blessed with such rescue mechanism.

What determines  the native collateral channel development in human cor0nary circulation ?

When  the answer is unknown , it moves to  the  genetic domain also called  – God’s domain .

Our ignorance in decoding coronary collaterals is vast.

The chief cause of this ignorance is we always  tend , not believe things which we don’t see.

Coronary collaterals channels need to atleast 1mm  to be visualised by CAG.There could be a vast network of micro collaterals out there within the myocardium invisible to current imaging methods. (In fact , this has a link with outcome  of the COURAGE study )

Is coronary collaterals have all the three layers of an artery ?

Yes .But the media lacks muscle.

Is coronary collateral less prone for spasm ?

May be.

The drugs we give , Calcium blockers , betablockers, and nitrates have same  hemodyanmic effects  as in native coronary circulation ?

We don,t know as yet. Nitrates are supposed to improve collateralisation

How common is atherosclerosis to involve the coronary collaterals ?

How often is an ACS precipitated by an collateral occlusion ?

May be more common than we think.

Can we stent a  2mm wide  collateral to maintain  the patency in case of a CTO  ?

A question need to be answered by current generation interventional cardiologists.

Is coronary collateral gives protection against primary VF ?

In one sense ,  the number one killer of mankind is  in fact not STEMI but the VF that follows it .

Why only a few develop a VF following an MI ? What determines the arrhythmic response to ischemia ?

Some anecdotal observation  of     suggest a role for early coronary collateral  opening in the prevention of VF .

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