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Verdict ?

Only complicated or high risk  STEMI,  would require immediate anatomy based management. Please note, this population at worst is never beyond 20 % of all STEMI. Hence more than majority of  patients  can be managed effectively without CAG.

My reasoning tells me,though knowing the  coronary anatomy appear vital  , it is rather the physiological impact of those  anatomical lesions  that will determine the outcome. So,post STEMI, if at all , we need to investigate, it should be about the  adequacy of the over all blood supply to left ventricle.This is done by a pre or post discharge sub maximal stress /nuclear test .If it’s negative with a good exercise tolerance  CAG will never be required as any critical flow limiting lesion ( that would require intervention  )is excluded with near 100% surety.

Postamble :Try asking  any neurologist , how often they demand to know cerebral arterial  anatomy for managing stroke  ? You will get a real surprise answer !

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What is  the most important factor that  will decide  the revascularsation following a  STEMI  ?

  1. Patient’s  symptoms
  2. Residual Ischemia documented by stress  test /Perfusion scan
  3. Presence of  significant  LV dysfunction
  4. Coronary anatomy and lesion profile
  5. Wealth  of the  patient (Insurance  limit  and  other  financial  resources )

Response  2  is   academically correct ,   but    practically  and politically   response 5  would be   the right one  for most cardiologists . At  any given day  ,  affordability and availability  of PCI  will prevail over all other factors  .

Affluence based cardiology

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What is the  height of  inappropriateness in modern cardiac care ?

This world will never forgive the medical profession , if they do not fight  against  grossly inappropriate medical  care system especially in the life saving situations  .While one  cardiologist    just watches   a  left main disease patient  with unstable angina die peacefully in a Govt institution ,  while  another  patient with asymptomatic  distal PDA lesion gets a 3rd generation drug eluting stent in a  nearby corporate hospital !

Please note : Harm is the ultimate outcome in both rich and poor.One suffers with non availability while the other is the victim  of   affordability .

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