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 When half a dozen guidelines from extremely evidence based “Esteemed cardiac societies”  decide to confront an Incomprehensive cardiologist , there is no other way , but to create  a personalised i-Guidelines on STEMI !



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  • Acute myocardial  infarction is the number one cardiac emergency .
  • About a million papers and articles are available in  medical literature about STEMI.
  • Management of STEMI when they present early is addressed by every text book.
  • It is  really surprising to note there is no  simple and  specific guidelines  to manage STEMI when they present late to the ER .
  • Such a scheme is vital for physicians,  as experience suggest almost 40 % of all STEMI arrive late and are ineligible for specific reperfusion strategies.

The following  flow  chart is  exclusively meant for usage in STEMI when they  arrive late >12 hours .

This is a personalised version based on working in one of the oldest CCU in  Asia which handles  about  2000 acute coronary syndromes every year with a mortality rate of 6-7 %  Hope one can bear with it !

Please click on the chart for a high resolution Image

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