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LV clot formation is one of the important complications of acute myocardial infarction. Preventing this is difficult and managing this problem is still more difficult.Some of these clots are linear and laminar along the shape of LV apex and carry less risk of dislodging.

 While mobile LV clots , even if it is small can cause a embolic episode. Most of these patients have a significant LV dysfunction and they are candidates for early CAG and revascularisation. Even If the coronary anatomy is very ideal for a PCI these patients are often sent for CABG and physical removal of LV clot . If  only ,we have an option to remove these LV clots by a catheter based modality, we can offer them a totally non surgical cure.

This is not impossible,  considering  we are in the era of percutaneous implantation of prosthetic valve in Aorta ! The only issue is potential embolism into carotids and periphery .A temporary distal protection at the level of aortic root will prevent that .

Device companies shall produce one such exclusive catheter system to remove LV clot.

Dr .S.Venkatesan, Madras medical college, Chennai,India

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