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Great people  do not boast  . While there are thousands of hyped up publications in cardiology ,

This one form Qatar excels , which  I  stumbled upon recently  contains very useful information about wide ranging issues in cardiology .

Let us congratulate the   Hamad medical corporation for  their unique  academic vision  .


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Internet is  a  wonderful gift for  for mankind   but  only  occasionally we find great resources .

Hats off to Dr .Pybus from Australia for his efforts

A must read for  all cardiologists rather  everyone involved with echocardiography

Click on the Image to reach the site


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A  humble  tribute to  Mr. Doppler : Let us  remember this  man ,  every time you hear that hissing  Doppler  signals   , as  we  put the Doppler probe inside the heart.

Doppler ‘s brief encounter with life

Gave us one of the greatest diagnostic tool .

Born in  1803 in Salzburg, Austria,  died  in Venice, Italy 1853

Click over the portrait to learn Doppler’s life

Read and enjoy yourself !

Doppler and his principle  : By Richard J. Bing, MD Professor of Medicine – USC (Em) – Director of Experimental Cardiology – Huntington Medical Research Institute Visiting Professor in Chemistry – California Institute of Technology – Calif – USA

http://www.dialogues-cvm.org/pdf/51/DCVM51_04.pdf Courtesy  Servier

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Can  modern technology  bring back  the life from a   dead person ?

Yes it is possible  ,  not in the near future !  but  in the present era  . . .

This revolutionary new portable heart lung machine may just do that .

Imagine  this scenerio : A cardiac arrest  victim  – failed resuscitation  with  ACLS  ,   the patient  needs  to be taken for an emergency cardiac surgery or intervention .You need time at least ,  few hours .Till that time  this simple device   takes  over the  role  of GOD    i e  sustaining life   by   pumping  and oxygenating  6 liters of blood !

Learn more about this award winning wonder machine from lifebridge .Germany

LIFEBRIDGE Medizintechnik AG / Product / LIFEBRIDGE B2T®

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A  good collection of resources dedicated to cardiology


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This learning resource is  a must read for all cardiology fellows

Frank G. Yanowitz, M.D
Professor of Medicine
University of Utah School of Medicine
Medical Director, ECG Department
LDS Hospital Salt Lake City, Utah

Click the link to reach the master teacher

yanowitz great cardiology ecg website

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