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Welcome to the  future of  valvular heart disease . This is just the beginning.Expect more dramatic break through  . (Already mitral valve prototype is in advanced stages of development .)

Currently we have two approved percutaneous aortic valves for use in isolated Aortic stenosis. The Edwards valve is popular in  USA  ( 2011 ) and Medtronic  is used extensively in  Europe (From 2007)

Though both valves appear suitable .There are major differences in the concept , design , and technique of implantation .

tavi edward sapiens vs medtronic core valve


Major  issues to be addressed. Late onset Para valvular leak :
Please remember, these valves are not sutured around the aortic annulus ,  which our surgeons do it meticulously . The force that keep the valve  within the  aortic root is nothing but the disease process itself . The stiffened, elastic aortic root .(Does it appear  foolish to expect the diseased  aorta to hold the valve in situ ? but that is the reality  ! )
If the aortic root  dilates  for  some reason  which is very likely in  atherosclerotic  process    the very foundation of valve is shaken and para valvular leak is certain.

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Cardiologists are  closing in ,  trying to capture the final frontiers. The  trans-cutaneous Aortic valve Implantation now has  a two year follow up. (NEJM March 2012  Issue) . The results are encouraging .

While two companies are fighting for the supremacy in TAVI ,   the real  threat is for the cardiac surgeons. Currently Edward  Sapiens  has an edge over Medtronic core valve as it  has a provision to redeploy or fine-tune the  final geo- position.




Medtronic core valve

Open access  article  by Martin Leon


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There was a time  , even  cardiac catheterisation was contraindicated if the aortic valve  is  significantly calcified. LV angiogram was judiciously  avoided in all such patients . Why ? A significant increase in disabling strokes were witnessed .Those were the time  a sense of  fear (common sense ?)   prevailed . Every one was following this dictum with sanctity .

Now in 2010 .TAVI has  arrived with great fanfare . We not only cross the calcific valve , we literally play  a violent contact sport   in the aortic root  for over two hours with all sorts of pushes  and passes  on  a  fragile valve.And  we are happy to  claim that  stroke rate is comparable to aortic valve surgery and TAVI is not-inferior to AVR in high risk surgeries .

How is this possible ? As the times  changed ?  Is it true , our stroke  fears are just imaginations  or have we lost our  faculty of  reasoning and  sense ? (Will it be logical to  fund a research  if someone claims a  surgical  technique  to replace  aortic valve in  a beating heart without aortic cross clamping !)

Data shows  even if  distal protection devices are  used the stroke rates  can reach to  objectionable levels .It remained  a mystery ,  at least to me how no body was  questioning this ? I was happy to find this editorial in NEJM which  just stopped  short  of   banishing  this modality in its current form.


What price it asks ?  and leaves the readers to guess  the answer ? NEJM wants to be too decent and polite , but in science politeness is generally not required  ,  as long as  your  observations are  correct !

For all those enthusiastic  interventional cardiologists  here is  a positive message .

Nothing comes easy in science.Great  inventions do have problems  initially .  Without  major hurdles  there can be no progress ! It is  because of   you  modern cardiology is making giant strides . Remember  the early days of angioplasty , early days of pacemaker  .  But  please realise  the most important issue  is ,  whatever  we   innovate or discover it  should be shown   superior to the  best  existing modality in all aspects(Technique,  procedural  complications, long term  outcome ,costs, side effects etc  ) .It is awful  to note   new drugs or devices  are  rarely compared with  the best treatment that is currently available .

A  new  treatment that simply  complements  or proves  non-inferiority  can never be considered an invention. How can we   portray radio frequency  renal denervation (  a complex  lab procedure ) for controlling blood pressure   as a great innovation for man kind  while we  have   so many drugs and  modalities  available  at a fraction of the cost  with  little  consequence .



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