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Does Troponin release during  Ischemia  ? (Without myocyte necrosis )

How often this happens ?   . Some believe , it is rare . Here is a possible explanation for it .I feel the mechanism is still not clear . It all depends upon the degree of ischemia.


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How good is Troponin T or I  to rule out acute coronary syndrome in the emergency room  when a  patient presents  within two to three hours after the onset of symptoms ?

  1. Very useful
  2. Useful
  3. Rarely useful
  4. Not useful
  5. Not at all useful

The answer is  5 , can be 3 or  4 , never 1 or 2 !

If you are surprised with the answer

Findout why , read further



troponin-i-troponin-t-2Final message

Troponin has a definite diagnostic  and prognostic value in  STEMI or NSTEMI  but relying on a single normal troponin level very early after an ACS can be . . . futile.

Realis,   diagnosis of ACS , especially  STEMI , is primarily by ECG and clinical features . Even in NSTEMI biomarkers help primarily to risk stratify the event. Bio markers come into picture only in borderline  ECGs and in baseline ECG defect like LBBB/Pacing rhythm .

It should be recognised , the major draw back of cardiac markers is , it  does not represent real time cardiac myocyte  events. (But the good old ECG has this unique property !) .The myocyte secretion & release  kinetics , the effect of  native (and pharmocological ) reperfusion make it a unreliable  marker.Apart from the time lag  , the  laboratory methods to detect these  molecule needs further refinement.

For the current day cardiologists ,  it is  required to finish off the entire treatment  of MI  within 6  hours by doing a primary PCI . It is an irony , troponin begins to appear only by  then to be detected in the blood !

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