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What do you advice a patient with single vessel  CAD  with milder forms of angina or no angina ?

Medical management ?  May be you are right . But most of us do not  follow this  correct advice.  Why ?  We have a inherent bias against  medical management  . Cath labs exude  unmatched glamor and  attraction in various forms  to both cardiologists and their patients.   Now , here is a   surprise  finding  , unpalatable though , for many of  us !  Simple jogging or bicycling can have equal if not  more relief  than even a angioplasty . This study which came in 2004  was made sure , not to  gain a prominent place in cardiology literature.


Let me pedal faster . . . cardiologists are after me !

The circulation article

How does exercise help in reversing CAD  ?

We know the prerequisite for plaque formation is the endothelial  injury along with lipid accumulation. Further ,  high local adrenergic(vasomotor) tone ,   growth factors and inflammatory activity would accelerate the plaque formation.

Regular exercise  has been  convincingly  shown to improve  the endothelial function. It  restores  the optimal adrenegric tone in the coronary micro circulation so the blood flow is brisk and pro-coagulant  activity is reduced .

It is easy to accept  the fact ,   exercise  can  prevent   progression of plaque   . . .A question that lingers in many including  many  cardiologists is this   . . .How  is it possible   for exercise to  regress well  established plaques ?

When   exercise  can   dissolve  huge  fat loaded  abdominal  tummy  in matter of weeks ,   there need not be any doubt  about the efficacy  of   exercise  in regressing   minute  lipid laden  coronary tummies (also called as plaques) .

(Of course , the  above statement  is supported by  documented  angiographic evidence  as well !)  Read below and  also the AVERT study .

Final message

Attention  all CAD patients ,  empower yourself , you  can become your own  cardiologist . You can perform angioplasties with bicycle  at zero  cost ,  of course  you have to pay for the bicycle !

This article “hypes up” the importance of physical activity in the management of CAD. But , it has to be  combined with optimal anti anginal drugs, good lipid control , blood pressure and diabetes  control  if present  , stress reduction  and good  sleep  to keep the CAD and cardiologists  at bay !

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We  are at the mercy  of  the three major coronary arteries (LAD,LCX,RCA) that sustain our life . Their  job is clear cut  .It has to perfuse   about 300 Grams of   live bundle of energy  for  an average of 6-7 decades.

What are the hurdles it  faces ,  how it overcomes these obstacles  forms the fascinating story of   “survival  of  human heart”

When coronary blood supply is confronted with a sudden compromise  as in ACS  ,  often the heart has little  time to respond . Hence the damage  and risk of death is  more. Even here there are lots of safety mechanisms and natural lytic process that limit the loss of life to less than 30 %  of all STEMIs. This implies nature protects against the death in 70 % of individuals and help  them  to reach hospital.*

*Among those  who reach hospital , we  the cardiologists  try to reduce the  mortality to about 6-7 % (20% without treatment ) with all  those hi-tech gadgets .It is a  different story and will be addressed elsewhere .

When it comes to  chronic insults ,  the heart has a unique potential to  stage  long haul battles. It has many tricks  under its  sleeves when challenged in a slow fashion.

The main weapons are two

1. Coronary collateral circulation.

2. Ischemic preconditioning.

Here is a patient who fights his life even after all his  three coronary arteries   totally blocked and surviving with one of the branches of left main -Ramus intermedius .

If you have thought his RCA was the savior  you are  mistaken  .

To every one’s   surprise  his  RCA was awful  as well !

He had angina which was  troublesome  but manageable .Was able to live a life with acceptable standards (Indian standard )  After the angiogram he  received  CABG.  A turbulent post operative course ensued  due to various reasons . He  struggled but   fully recovered  . . .  and  ultimately  reached the  previous  standard  of life !

Final message

Modern cardiology is all about not trusting  powers of nature .

But youngsters should realise the enormous potential of those invisible powers.It may sound philosophical , but please  remember  . . .after all . . .  philosophy  is nothing but  search for truths. Atleast believe in them  once in a while !

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Scientifically ,  the  indication for coronary revascularisation   should be  based on following

  1. Patient’s  symptom ( more specifically angina , dyspnea is less important !)
  2. Prov0kable  ischemia  ( A significantly positive stress test )
  3. Signifcant LV dysfunction with  documented  viable myocardium &  residual ischemia
  4. A revascularisation eligible coronary anatomy * TVD/Left main/Proximal LAD etc ( *Either 1, 2 or 3 should be  present  in addition )
  5. All emergency PCI during STEMI /High risk NSTEMI

Practically ,

A CAD  patient  may fulfill  “Any of the above 5 or  “None of the above 5” ,  but ,  if   a coronary obstruction  was  revealed  by coronary angiogram  and if he  fulfils The 6th criteria , he becomes  eligible for  revascualrisation

6th criteria

If the patient has  enough monetary   resources (by self  ) or by  an  insurance company  to take care of PCI /CABG *

*The sixth  criteria overrides all other criteria in many of the cath labs .Of course , there are few genuine ones still  fighting hard , to keep the commerce out ,  from contaminating cardiology !

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